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Hiatus – An Update (Kind of)

Hiatus – An Update (Kind of) published on 3 Comments on Hiatus – An Update (Kind of)

This is a comic I did for the Alt Press Fest Zine, and I wanted to share it somewhere. I know it’s not Dungeon Crawlers content, but it’s a similar milieu.

Oh, and I’m not dead…

Sorry for the lack of updates and the long hiatus. Lots of life stuff has gotten in the way. Stuff like:

  1. Work – I’ve been doing work on a new and exciting comic with a fellow comic artist D. Bradford Gambles (read his Food Hates You comic, it’s amazing), color assistant work on Green Monk, and some work doing illustrations and comics for two local alternative papers (see here and here for some of it).
  2. Family – I got a pretty cute baby now… and he’s walking. Takes up a lot of time and energy to keep up with that guy..
  3. Depression – I don’t want to get too deep in to details, but if you are curious, I made some personal comics exploring these feelings in an attempt to work through them. You can see them at (best read chronologically).

The big question I’m sure a lot of you are asking is will I make more Dungeon Crawlers. If so, when? The answer… I don’t really know. I really want to, I just haven’t found the time. I know that’s not satisfying, so sorry in advanced.


Glad to see an update, of any kind. Also glad to hear you have work and a family. Not so glad that you’ve been depressed, I hope for your recovery; I’m reading those comics with interest as I’ve lived with anxiety and depression my entire life so it’s interesting to see how others cope.
Don’t know how other fans feel, but I’ll still be a reader whenever you get back to Dungeon Crawlers, no matter how long it takes.

Just a friendly reminder, we haven’t forgotten. 🙂 How is your life going, Spencer ? I hope everything is fine. It is not like I am pressuring you into anything, but could you give us update if you are ever going to continue this ? I mean, it has been almost half year, and you said you want to continue, so.. I kind of keep checking from time to time… should I keep this up or not ?
Best wishes,
a fan.

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