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Graphix Comic Entry

Graphix Comic Entry published on 4 Comments on Graphix Comic Entry

This isn’t a Dungeon Crawlers post (sorry), but I figured some of you may be interested…

I recently participated in a contest to have a graphic novel published for Graphix, a subsidiary of Scholastic. The winners have been announced and I didn’t make the cut, so I figured it’d be as good a time as any to share the end results of the twelve comic pages that I put together as part of my pitch.

In spite of not winning, I’m really happy with how these pages turned out. Focusing on pushing myself further really yielded what I think is some of my best work!  If you’re curious to learn more about this world, here’s a brief introduction:

Ronan is fed up with her tag-a-long pest of a little sister, Elise. She never knows when to shut up, she acts like such a know-it-all, and to top it all off she’s the all-powerful vessel for an ancient, undying god. It all started when Ronan was sneaking out in the night with her friends and Elise crashed the party. Not wanting to end their adventure early, they brought her along. Past the city walls and through the woods to an abandoned temple. Elise, troublemaker that she is, touched a bunch of junk she shouldn’t have and now the legendary goddess Tayo lives inside her. And just like that, she’s got powers, which would be pretty cool if she had any control over them. As usual, Ronan is stuck on babysitting duty, but to make matters worse, her sister’s newfound passenger has a very pressing expiration date. They must track down the mysterious Erricore in the Spirit Market to find a suitable host for Tayo or Elise will burn up from the inside, unable to contain the raw power of a goddess.