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I feel kinda sorry for the fat hamster/mouse stuck in the big bulb at the bottom of the tube on the back wall… Also: Is it just me, or do the three… things… around the hole in the floor originate from Legend of Zelda? The turtle-lookalike might be a helmasaur from Zelda III: A Link to the Past, and the Armadillo-beetle and the spiky thing look like they came from Zelda II: Link’s Awakening. But that might all just be me… 😉

The fat hamster/mouse will be fine I’m sure. Mice are known for fitting in tight spaces.

The three things on the floor were not purposeful homages to Zelda (though possibly subliminal). The dustball looking things are a reference to the animation I made (Kricket), but the turtle-lookalike and armadillo-beetle are just critters I doodled.

The rug however is a rip off of a famous carpet. Also, the mice are vaguely reminiscent of a certain famous electric monster of pocket proportions.

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