Grizzlaw Mines 07

Grizzlaw Mines 07 published on 9 Comments on Grizzlaw Mines 07

Mysterious vine enters! This page took me a lot longer than it should have to break down. I am trying to keep panels and angles fresh instead of falling on old habits. More pages will be coming, but I may be a bit slower than the weekly update, due to taking on some freelance work… Continue reading Grizzlaw Mines 07

Hiatus – An Update (Kind of)

Hiatus – An Update (Kind of) published on 3 Comments on Hiatus – An Update (Kind of)

This is a comic I did for the Alt Press Fest Zine, and I wanted to share it somewhere. I know it’s not Dungeon Crawlers content, but it’s a similar milieu. Oh, and I’m not dead… Sorry for the lack of updates and the long hiatus. Lots of life stuff has gotten in the way.… Continue reading Hiatus – An Update (Kind of)

Dungeon Crawlers: First Edition

Dungeon Crawlers: First Edition published on 1 Comment on Dungeon Crawlers: First Edition

It’s finally here! Dungeon Crawlers: First Edition, is a compilation of the first 124 comics! You can buy it HERE! The whole thing took longer than expected to put together. Since I’d made Dungeon Crawlers for the web, there were lots of different size pages, and gaps that I’d need to make up for in… Continue reading Dungeon Crawlers: First Edition

Graphix Comic Entry

Graphix Comic Entry published on 4 Comments on Graphix Comic Entry

This isn’t a Dungeon Crawlers post (sorry), but I figured some of you may be interested… I recently¬†participated in a contest to have a graphic novel published for Graphix, a subsidiary of Scholastic. The winners have been announced and I didn’t make the cut, so I figured it’d be as good a time as any… Continue reading Graphix Comic Entry