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Samurai Jack Print

Samurai Jack Print published on 3 Comments on Samurai Jack Print


Man it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

But as Bo said, it was not without purpose.  The majority of my time as of late was spent finishing up this bad boy.  I’m super excited with how it turned out, and even more excited that I’m going to be selling prints!  I’ve already had a few people interested in purchasing, but for those of you out of my neighborhood, I’ve set up an Etsy shop for you to purchase through!  I’m not sure what the demand will be, so the first print run is small, but if there’s enough demand I’ll look in to printing more.

Enough business though, let’s talk about the art.  I spent well over 40 hours on this piece.  It’s an 11 by 17 inch image at 500 DPI, making it 5500 by 8500 pixels.  It was inspired by Samurai Jack, particularly the pilot episode.  I remember watching the premiere (and taping it on VHS, which I would study later frame by frame) and seeing this epic battle between Jack and hundreds of these metallic bugs.  Each bug he sliced into would erupt in sparks and squirt out a black oil, filling the screen and coating Jack himself.  I remember watching in awe at the sheer “coolness” of it all.  My take here is to take off the family friendly filter of robotic enemies and create a more organic vibe.  Plus drawing blood and guts is killer fun.

Here it is sans advertisements:


Here it is hung up in the gallery:


And if you’re curious here’s how it looks just inks:


And here it is with flat colors, no shade:



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