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Umm… Okay, here goes…

I might’ve missed some hints – that happens sometimes – but I think I’ll go with THIS theory:

Granny’s house seems to have a plethora of different critters – befitting a druidess – but I cannot help but remember (and since I treat my memory as only a rough guideline I double checked!) that she also had alchemical equipment laying around her house.

There’s also a whole bunch of hamsters (or perhaps they’re miniature giant mutant space hamsters? Minsc anyone?) in what looks like a complex maze. Somehow this brings the word “lab rat” to my mind.

We can also assume that since granny is providing for all these weird critters she must also have substantial financial assets. There’s something boiling in the pot and all the retorts and decanters seem to have contents as well, so I’m yet again projecting that this is somehow the font from which all that finance springs from.

Okay… Knowing her offspring does have a bit of a ruthless streak – stealing eyeballs from helpless blobs – I’m gonna also deduce that she inherited it from someone, so I’m guessing granny can also be a bit ruthless.

So now we’re at “Ruthless ancient alchemist + Lab rats (or Lab miniature giant mutant space hamsters)”

Now, what alchemical concoction have we seen recently? One that our artist seemed to be rather stoked about?

Yes. 7evel up!

So my guess is that granny is gonna suggest a totally mad scheme that Jasper and Boo try their luck (Which we know Boo has put all his experience points in!) in the auditions while being totally hopped up on a new experimental formula of granny’s best selling potion: Super 7evel up! (8evel up?)

Well. At least that’s a theory. Any other wild stabs in the dark? Anyone?

Oh… I also forgot to mention that the final piece in my puzzle is the fact that Link’s granny in Wind Waker provided you with an endless supply of “Soup” which acted as a freebie two-dose healing potion. 🙂

Now, can I have a cookie? I really did try my best! 🙂

OOOO! And Kit-Tree the Sphinx Giant Redwood elemental! As their mount! (It’ll propably gain an even bigger boost from 8evel up, seeing how absorbing strength from liquid through it’s roots is kinda second nature for it!)

I know it sounds a bit far-fetched, but… It’s a nice thought. 🙂

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