Return of the Fled Eye

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I love a good pun.  Even better I love a bad one.

I have to say it’s nice to finally have Jasper with his eye back.  When I first had him lose it, I decided that I wanted to create a quest to retrieve it — something to get them out of their dungeon and out on the road.  When I was figuring all this out, I estimated he’d get it back around the 100th comic (this was around the same time I decided to make an animated short for the 100th).  With this comic being the 96th (and the animation nearly complete), I figure I did all right.

A note on this one, you may recognize the hand as seen in the third comic ever in this series.  I have a secret regarding the aforementioned hand: it was traced.  I took a photo of my wife’s lovely digits and inked over it.  The shading and coloring and such were all done with minor references to the photo, but the actual inks took little liberties.  I did this to help create a juxtaposition in art styles between the world of the Gods and the ordinary plain of existence that Bo and Jasper reside upon.  Also I am lazy and a bad artist.  But hey, at least I got a comic done in time.