Boss Battle

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The big boss is finally revealed!  This comic was a doozy (seems like I say that a lot).  Huge learning curve with this one.  I started using Google Sketchup to do layouts on my other comic project, and thought it’d be good practice to test it out on Dungeon Crawlers–hence all the fancy angles!  Usually I’ll try and recycle backgrounds to save me time, but I only recycled two panels over the course of nineteen this time.  And man did that tack on the time.  I drew on my day off from 9:00 AM to midnight, only stopping for lunch and dinner, and I still didn’t finish.

For those of you curious about my process, here are some of the layouts I did with Adobe Illustrator and Google Sketchup:



And below is the second page before all the shading and textures got added: