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As usual, here is my stream of consciousness/bad case of logorrhea (great word, look it up) all about today’s strip:

I’m really enjoying doing the smaller panels, as it constantly forces me to redraw things and figure out different ways to do things.  I also like how the smaller panel within the triptych turned out, and I’m interested to try doing more abstract backgrounds like it.

This comic took me forever to write because I couldn’t think of anything funny.  Both the Eric’s helped me (Eric A. gave me the name Mossy Pete which is going to be the name of every new character I ever come up with), but in the end I came up with a punchline that made me giggle.  Heh… poop.

On a website related note, I want to create better navigation throughout the site.  I plan on having only one comic up at a time and then implementing a FIRST, PREVIOUS, NEXT, CURRENT button type scheme, but I’m not sure how to do so on Blogger.  It looks like I can create a custom gadget through HTML, but I haven’t done HTML in years.  Any ideas?