Dungeon Crawlers: First Edition

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It’s finally here! Dungeon Crawlers: First Edition, is a compilation of the first 124 comics!

You can buy it HERE!


The whole thing took longer than expected to put together. Since I’d made Dungeon Crawlers for the web, there were lots of different size pages, and gaps that I’d need to make up for in compiling it. As a result, the finished book has a bunch of new illustrations and cool looking borders added to fill things out. Here’s just a few to check out:

original-3 original-2 original-1

I’m very proud of the finished product, so hopefully this can help hold over fans as I find time to put out new comics (I actually have some stuff written out!).

Thank you all for sticking with it!

Hiatus – An Update (Kind of)

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This is a comic I did for the Alt Press Fest Zine, and I wanted to share it somewhere. I know it’s not Dungeon Crawlers content, but it’s a similar milieu.

Oh, and I’m not dead…

Sorry for the lack of updates and the long hiatus. Lots of life stuff has gotten in the way. Stuff like:

  1. Work – I’ve been doing work on a new and exciting comic with a fellow comic artist D. Bradford Gambles (read his Food Hates You comic, it’s amazing), color assistant work on Green Monk, and some work doing illustrations and comics for two local alternative papers (see here and here for some of it).
  2. Family – I got a pretty cute baby now… and he’s walking. Takes up a lot of time and energy to keep up with that guy..
  3. Depression – I don’t want to get too deep in to details, but if you are curious, I made some personal comics exploring these feelings in an attempt to work through them. You can see them at http://sadboyadventures.tumblr.com/ (best read chronologically).

The big question I’m sure a lot of you are asking is will I make more Dungeon Crawlers. If so, when? The answer… I don’t really know. I really want to, I just haven’t found the time. I know that’s not satisfying, so sorry in advanced.

Grizzlaw Mines 07

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Mysterious vine enters!

This page took me a lot longer than it should have to break down. I am trying to keep panels and angles fresh instead of falling on old habits.

More pages will be coming, but I may be a bit slower than the weekly update, due to taking on some freelance work here and there. Got to pay those bills!

Grizzlaw Mines 02-03

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That’s a big one… a double page spread.  Sure it looks small on the website, but click the image below to see in largerness.Comic-126-(02-03)-finished

Took a while though, didn’t it?  I was going through a busy stretch of life there for a bit, and whenever I tried to find time to draw on Dungeon Crawlers, I just wasn’t happy with what I was doing… I think I redrew variations on this page a half dozen times before coming up with something I wasn’t embarrassed to post.  I’m really trying to push myself to do better, and I think this page is the start of that.

Pages will continue to be infrequent I imagine as life tends to get in the way, but I really am determined to write a complete story that I can publish as a physical copy.

Thank you all for the love and support!

Grizzlaw Mines 01

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It’s finally begun!  As I mentioned before, this is a sort of relaunch for the Dungeon Crawlers comic, so now would be a good time to start reading.  There’ll be no need of prior knowledge (though that would make the experience richer) to enjoy.

I have been working on this page for AGES.  Since I’ll be self publishing this next run into a single issue, I really want to make sure I put the time and effort into making it look awesome, so updates will be slowing down, but hopefully quality will be rising.

The End of an Era

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So, time for the big announcement!

The next exciting new chapter in the adventures of Bo and Jasper will be a Dungeon Crawlers comic!

Okay, yes… this is already a comic.  What I mean is that it will be a pre-written story arc around 20-25 pages with the intent of publishing.  This is going to change the format up a bit, but hopefully for the better.  The whole comic will still be online for free, but it’ll give me something to sell at my next con, and serve as a good jumping off point for new readers.

That means goodbye to the three panel gags and hello to full page continuity.  It’s a continued evolution in the learning process that is this comic.

ALSO, if you haven’t seen, I have shirts available online!
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