Monster Masters!

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HOLY COW!  I have been having a majorly hard time in getting myself to update.  Sorry for the major (3 week!) delay for this post.  I had a bit of writer’s block, combined with my attention being drawn to another project.  It should illicit some hope in all of you to know that I do already have next week’s comic written at least.

I should also mention that this week’s post is dedicated to Austin, the biggest PokeMaster I know.




Props to anyone who can guess the way that Granny is suggesting.

I have to say, I’ll be excited to stop drawing these boring interiors and bust back outside.  Hopefully soon.




This comic took way longer than I originally thought it would.  A huge part of that where the custom drawn frames I did.Comic-105-frame-Lines


Surprisingly, the other thing that took a while was doing the storybook panels.  Yes, they look simple, but I didn’t know what style I was going to go for when I first started.  I did several different tests and trials before settling on the simple cutout look.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 3.56.56 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 3.56.42 PM


I’m happy with how things ended up though, especially all the bright colors.  The storybook stuff really stands out against the other panels.


Bed Time


That druid’s place is incredibly crowded, which makes it  both a pleasure and pain to draw.

The panels themselves are way too crowded/busy, which I think makes it a bit difficult to follow.  I tried to cram a lot in to three panels.  Live and learn.

You may notice some things popping up on the site (such as a characters section, about section, etc).  Feel free to peruse, but for the most part there’s either nothing or poorly formatted information.  I’m working on getting this stuff up and going soon, so stay tuned!


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This is a webcomic.  Here’s some information about me.




Level 7 Artist; Chaotic Evil

The artist and writer of this comic.  Didn’t want to post a photo, so here’s a picture of him as a fat baby.  Please note: he is in all actuality, not a fat baby.

Actually, let’s drop the third person thing.  I’m kind of an artist, but more than that, I consider myself a creator.  I’ve worked in film, comics, short stories, 2D, 3D, animation, and pretty much every other medium you can imagine.  I usually can’t decide what I want to do, so I try and do it all. Like most artists, I don’t consider myself as talented as I’d like to be, and go through cycles of putting forth immense effort, then wondering why I bothered.



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Level 5 Blob; Chaotic Good

An all around good guy with a heart of gold. Loves those around him, even those resistant to his charms.



Level 6 Blob; Neutral Good

Known for his eyebrows and for being annoyed at things.



Level 1 Treent; Chaotic Neutral

Part kitty, part tree, all cutie. Officially Jasper’s familiar, but he answers to Bo as well.




Adventurer Girl
Level 12 Druid; Lawful Good

Probably the only nice adventurer that exists. Bo and Jasper have yet to learn her name.


Room for Two


Bo and Jasper getting all snugly.  Reminds me of this (one of the few  of my own comics that still makes me laugh).

I often say I wish I had spent more time shading or with colors.  This was one of the few times I feel like the comic is “complete.”  I really like how the shading turned out here, as well as the layout and colors.  Probably helps that this was a simple three panel instead of a full page, but I’ll take it.

On the website front, I’m sorry!  I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress and most of my custom theming broke.  If you’re having trouble, it should hopefully get fixed soon.